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30+ designs. 100% profits donated to help build prosthetic limbs
100% Profits Donated

UPmovement is a not-for-profit supporting young people who have lost their mobility.

Therefore, we donate 100% of our profits to help achieve our mission: 

To build prosthetic limbs and restore mobility in low-income and war-torn countries.

Designed by Real Artists

We work with local artists to help design new sock styles for us. Each artist receives a commission for each of their socks sold. The more we sell, the more support each artist receives.

Made in Australia

Our Project Oz range is made right here in Australia, keeping more Australians in jobs during these tough times. 

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Shipping and Delivery

Any order placed will be dispatched within 1 business day, so that your socks are sure to arrive on time!

Meet Sreyly

At only six years old, Sreyly lost her mother, unborn sibling and lower right leg in a motorcycle accident.

Many children that become amputees at such a young age experience a life well below the extreme poverty line ($1.90USD/day)

Thanks to the incredible work of our giving partners, Sreyly was able to receive free orthopedic care, giving her the freedom of mobility through a new prosthetic limb.

She now walks to school with her friends each day and has ambitions to become a doctor when she grows up.

For a Better World

UPmovement is striving to do its part in making the world a better place. We are a registered Charity and Social Trader. Our socks are Made in Australia under the Ethical Clothing Australia badge and we are driven by 6 SDG's.

So Much More Than Socks

We donate 100% of profits to help build prosthetic limbs in developing and war-torn countries. Each pair of socks bought help our cause.

The Perfect Gift

Classic socks for Dad, birthday gifts for Mum and Christmas presents for everyone else! There’s a style for every occasion.

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