About Us


Every day we get out of bed, put on our socks and shoes and go outside with full freedom of mobility to experience the world in all its beauty. 
For 32 million amputees across the low-income and war-torn world, this freedom of mobility is not an option. 
Amputees lose limbs to war, landmines, disease and road accidents, with very little options for rehabilitation and care. Prosthetic limbs are an expensive medical device and requires modifications and replacements every year.
Families of amputees live significantly below the poverty line. 



Hi there! I'm Tom. I started UPmovement in 2019 after graduating with a Masters' in Prosthetics and Orthotics in Melbourne, Australia.
The idea for this came to me when I was on a Prosthetic rehabilitation placement in Cambodia in 2017. The small rehabilitation center I worked at in Phnom Penh took care of hundreds of patients. There were not enough trained professionals at the facility to care for these people, and the clinicians were not paid nearly enough to support their families. Some days, we had to turn patients away because we could not look after them.
Upon returning home, I learned that the situation for amputees was even more dire across the globe. I've made it my life's purpose to restore the freedom of human mobility to as many amputees over the world.
Be a part of this journey with me, let's make the world a better place together. 


We donate 100% of the profits made from each sale to help build prosthetic limbs in low-income and war-torn countries. We partner with local charities and NGOs already on the ground in each country who are building and delivering rehabilitation and care to amputees in local cities and in rural towns. 

Our current project at the moment in collaboration with ALTSO is focused in Cambodia.
UPmovement is in the process of becoming a registered charity, so that we can fundraise on our own and receive tax-deductible donations.
Everybody deserves the freedom of human mobility, and we together we have the ability to improve the quality of life for millions across the globe, one pair of socks at a time.



Our socks are made under the banner of Ethical Clothing Australia. This means that the materials were grown and collected via Fair Trade methods. The full supply chain of workers are paid fairly and work under safe and ethical methods. 

We are also: 
- A registered Charity 
- A registered Social Trader 
- 100% Australian Owned 
- Following 6 key Sustainable Development Goals to help improve society


We're working hard to have our business as close to carbon-neutral as possible. Currently, here's how we are reducing our carbon footprint: 

  • Postage mailers are made from compostable materials 
  • Our labels are made with recycled paper 
  • Our delivery with Australia Post is carbon-neutral. Read more here
  • We post all packages once a week to reduce delivery footprint



At UPmovement, we love helping. Our whole business was created to help others!

We also are in the business of helping others around us. 

In 2020, we began to collaborate with local artists to help grow their reach, and show their amazing work. Below are our artists, and ways in which you can support them

See the artists that we are currently collaborating with here 

Fair work: 
All of our artists are paid upfront per design that they make for us. This is a form of license that allows UPmovement to use that design on their behalf to make the socks, and to use for any advertising/promotions. 

Our artists are also paid a 10% commission per pair of socks sold. This is why our artist socks are more expensive than our original socks - the extra funds are going straight to the artists for their amazing and talented work.
We pay this commission in full upfront when we receive a new order of socks from our manufacturer.