Our Artists

Our Artists

At UPmovement, we love helping. Our whole business was created to help others!

We also are in the business of helping others around us. 

In 2020, we began to collaborate with local artists to help grow their reach, and show their amazing work! 

Below are our artists, and ways in which you can support them:


Dan is the very talented illustrator and graphic designer behind @done.by.dan

”I started scribbling in books as soon as I could hold a pen, and never really stopped. This developed into my love for art and design"

Dan loves working on images that are humorous and gimmicky, usually relating to themes of nostalgia and iconic Australiana.

”I take inspiration from about anywhere, from the slang I overhear to the aesthetics of the humble VB stubbie"

The humble VB stubbie is one of his favourite pieces so far.

There are several ways to support our local artist Dan. 
Check out Dan's Instagram Page
Check out Dan's Website

Jess is the artist behind @printsbychan, an art and prints studio mainly focusing on inspirational people.

”I’ve always been creative since I was little and would always find it as an escape into a colourful world. I’ve been getting more serious about creating art since going to Uni."

Above all, drawing and painting people has been her passion and her focus.

”I love creating people who have some sort of influence on my life, or who are all about being different. All my art pieces incorporate lots of colour which is what I’m about – putting more colour into people’s lives with my art”

There are several ways to support our local artist Jess. 
Check out Jess' Instagram Page
Check out Jess' Website

Zoe runs @zra.designs, a successful graphic design brand that has worked with @taboosanitaryproducts and @redcrossau_vic, and she’s even a @tedxunimelb speaker!

Zoe started illustrating at 16, studied visual communications & media at school, before moving on to complete a bachelor’s of communication design at Uni.

”My main reason for becoming a graphic designer was the ability to create social and environmental change through design. The ability to have a positive impact on people while doing what I love is so rewarding. That’s why Project Oz resonated with me so much”

”I wanted a fun and playful design with a bold colour combination. I wanted something that adults and children would both love”.

There are several ways to support our local artist Zoe. 
Check out Zoe's Instagram Page
Check out Zoe's Website


Jamie runs @topsyturvystudio, a design & branding studio with some fascinating designs! Her studio has worked with numerous brands.

Jamie has been creating art for as long as she can remember, but really found her style and brand at Uni 5 years ago.

”I love creating abstract eye-catching and super colourful patterns and designs using bold colours and lively shapes".

Her favourite piece of work to date is a mural created for the Parkway Artway Project in Ellenbrook, WA.

Jamie has created colourful and fun designs for UPmovement, and has been a best-seller!

”I wanted to create something fun and colourful that will bring joy to anyone that wears these socks".

There are several ways to support our local artist Jamie. 
Check out Jamie's Instagram Page
Check out Jamie's Website


Saffy is the wonderful artist behind our 'Bush Buds' socks! 
"I like to draw whatever comes to mind, usually it ends up being vibrant animal characters either from my imagination or life experiences, my favourite are the ones that have some kind of meaning behind them"

"I draw all of my drawing on my phone! So I have to say my favourite medium is digital! Although I do love to mess around with any medium I can."

"I get my inspiration from my imagination, I have always been quite creative and would always draw what would come to mind! Whether it would be from past experiences or have it pop into my head while I was doing something else! As for the stickers I would draw whatever I personally would like as a sticker!"

There are several ways to support our local artist Saffy. 
Check out Saffy's Instagram Page
Check out Saffy's Website

Fair work: 
All of our artists are paid upfront per design that they make for us. This is a form of license that allows UPmovement to use that design on their behalf to make the socks, and to use for any advertising/promotions. 

Our artists are also paid a 10% commission per pair of socks sold. This is why our artist socks are more expensive than our original socks - the extra funds are going straight to the artists for their amazing and talented work.
We pay this commission in full upfront when we receive a new order of socks from our manufacturer.