Current certifications: 

One of the hardest things about running a social enterprise/not-for-profit is proving that what you're doing is good and the hard-earned money that customers are giving to you is actually going to the cause. Below are certifications that we currently have, and ones that we are working towards obtaining in 2021. 

Charity: To legitimise our social giving, we became a registered Charity and Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) in 2020. 

Having a registered Charitable arm means that whatever money goes into it, must be used towards our social cause. We are audited every year to ensure that the funds are reaching the desired outcome. 

Ethical Clothing Australia:
By the end of 2021, all of our socks will be made locally in Australia. We do not make the socks ourselves, but we do source our manufacturers seriously. Our manufacturer is certified with Ethical Clothing Australia. 

This certification means that all of the workers involved in the supply chain are being paid properly, receiving all their legal working entitlements and are working in safe conditions. 

To find out more about Ethical Clothing Australia, you can click here

Certification goals for 2021

As we were starting out we passed on getting certification because of the such high fees. However, as we aim to grow into a bigger, more successful enterprise, we feel that now is the time to become certified. 

We are working towards having the funds to gain certification. Our Q1 sales will be used for this process (instead of advertising). 100% of profits will still go towards our social cause. 

This way, you know that when you buy from us, you are giving to a legitimate cause that doesn't take damaging shortcuts just to make a profit or a quick sale. 

By the end of 2021 we  hope to obtain: 
B-Corp Certification
Social Traders Certification 
Fair Trade Australia Certification